The Oxford Research Software Engineering group (OxRSE) collaborates with researchers at the University of Oxford to provide high quality research software. OxRSE makes available software experts that can work with you on any software-related aspect of your research, including

  • Software development
  • Setting up development infrastructure (version control, testing, continuous integration)
  • Assessment and consultancy on research software best practices
  • Code reviews
  • Teaching tailored to your research needs OxRSE can work with you over different timescale, ranging from a single day to several years.

Outside of our free activities such as our training courses and software surgeries, OxRSE is a paid service. If you’re interested in getting expert support for your research software, you can reach us by submitting this short form. We will get back to you to further discuss your project and how OxRSE can best support your research. Particularly, we will advise you on the best route to fund Research Software Engineering support.


Over the last three decades research in academia and industry has become increasingly reliant on software. A recent survey of RCUK-funded research being undertaken in 15 Russell Group universities found that 92% of researchers used research software, 67% reported that it was fundamental to their research, and 56% said they developed their own software (See Research Software Engineers: State of the Nation Report 2017). Software can therefore now be seen as perhaps the most important research tool across all disciplines, and the design and development of research software is critical to the success of the UK research base.

Costed Research Software Engineering time

In most cases, RSE time must be costed into your research grant; the time of one Full Time Equivalent (FTE) RSE being roughly equal to the time of a grade 7.5 postdoctoral researcher. If you already have available funds, OxRSE time can also be costed using a service research facility with a standard daily rate. As of March 2021, this rate is £310.

Should you be interested in collaborating with OxRSE, we encourage you to get in touch with us in the early stages of the redaction of your project proposal. Research Software Engineers from OxRSE will be able to discuss software-related aspects of your project and provide guidance regarding the corresponding sections of your funding application.

Outside of Oxford University

External companies and other organisations can also take advantage of OxRSE’s expertise, to integrate research software into your development or to upskill your team on software engineering and data science practices. Complete the form to get in touch and discuss your requirements.