Continuous Integration

continuous integration course

How To Set Up Continuous Integration to Make Your Code More Robust, More Maintainable, and Easier to Publish.

What: Fantastic free online tools exist to automate the testing of your code which help make your code more robust, more maintainable, and easier to publish. This course will give you a practical introduction to continuous integration using GitHub actions and other free online tools. We will work on a tiny pre-made Python project, and we will:

  • Set up GitHub Actions to automate testing with multiple Python versions on multiple operating systems
  • Integrate to give us insight into how much of our project is covered by the unit tests
  • Integrate Better Code Hub for analysis and tips on improving your code
  • Look at options for automatically generating and hosting documentation for your project

Audience: The course is aimed at graduate students and other researchers who want to improve the robustness of their research code. No programming experience is expected, but some comfort with the Python and git may be beneficial.

Prerequisites: You should have a GitHub account set up before the course starts.

Photo by Anas Alshanti on Unsplash.