Python packaging

python packaging course

  • Is your work a collection of loosely organised python scripts?
  • Is copy/paste your tool of choice when reusing some of your previous work?
  • Would you like to make it possible to “pip install” your code instead of emailing it to your colleagues?
  • Ever heard of “python virtual environments” but never found the time to learn more?

With one or more “yes”, you should join the next OxRSE free course on python packaging!

Efficiently organise and share your python projects with python packages


In early, exploratory phases of research, it is very convenient to just jot down a few lines of code to wrangle, analyse or visualise data. However, this approach quickly leads to a collection of scripts that is difficult to maintain, reuse and share with others.

In this workshop you will learn how to turn a couple of python scripts into a full blown Python package. You will see how you can develop and maintain this package independently from your research projects and “pip install” to reuse it across them, using virtual environments. You will then learn the simple steps to make it possible for anyone to “pip install” your package, automatically installing the required dependencies.


  1. Making a python package from a collection of python scripts
  2. Reusing package(s) across research projects
  3. Python virtual environments
  4. Sharing your package with the world
  5. Overview of advanced topics


Only a basic knowledge of python is required. All experience levels welcome, from graduate student to senior professor.

Photo by Anas Alshanti on Unsplash.