Oxford Research Software Engineering

The Oxford Research Software Engineering (OxRSE) Group enables academics to work with professional software developers with close ties to academia, to enable basic research outcomes, translational research, or research projects aiming for commercialisation. We can help with:

  • Defining, scoping and costing software effort in grant proposals;
  • Delivering high-quality software to enable research outputs;
  • Training your group in software engineering best practice;
  • Helping you and your spin-out commercialise your research software.

If you are interested in collaborating with us on your project, please fill in this short form:

For more information about the research software community within the UK, please see the UK Research Software Engineers Association.

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For resources for improving research software, see the Software Sustainability Institute.

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OxRSE is funded via collaborations on research projects with academics all across the university. We are also directly funded by grants in the EPSRC impact acceleration account

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and the Institutional Strategic Support Fund (ISSF).

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