Oxford Code Review Network

Ever wanted a fresh pair of eyes to look at your code, or to track down a bug? The Oxford Code Review Network (OxCRN) makes it easy for researchers at all levels, from students to senior professors, to engage in regular code reviews, both as reviewers and code authors.

woman wearing read and black checkered blouse using computer

Code reviews are short (one hour) and informal discussion over a short piece of code, involving its author and one or several reviewers.

Doing regular code reviews is truly effective way of making your research software better: not only free of bugs, but more importantly more readable, maintainable and extendable. Whatever your research field and level of experience, code reviews are opportunities to exchange with fellow researchers - possibly from different fields - and better your research software practice together.

The Oxford Code Review Network is centred around a GitHub repository where researchers at the University of Oxford can easily both:

  • Look for reviewers.
  • Get in touch with other researchers looking for reviewers.

Participants in the network are encouraged to play both roles: sometimes reviewees, sometimes reviewers. There is no required level of experience: the only thing you need to be a reviewer is a basic knowledge of the programming language (of which the code reviewed is written in).

The mission of OxCRN is to foster a community of research software in the University of Oxford, enabling the transfer of knowledge and software skills across researchers of various levels of experience and research communities.

Your participation is welcome! Simply visit https://github.com/OxfordCodeReviewNet/forum to get started with your first review.

Photo by Christina Morillo from Pexels