Costed Research Software Engineering time

If you be interested in collaborating with OxRSE, we encourage you to get in touch with us in the early stages of your project proposal. Research Software Engineers from OxRSE will be able to discuss software-related aspects of your project and provide expert advice on software or infrastructure plans.

In most cases, RSE time must be costed into your research grant; the time of one Full Time Equivalent (FTE) RSE being roughly equal to the time of a grade 8.1 postdoctoral researcher. If you already have available funds, OxRSE time can also be costed using a service research facility with a standard daily rate. As of August 2023, this rate is £343.

Outside of University of Oxford

External companies and other organisations can also take advantage of OxRSE’s expertise, to integrate research software into your development or to upskill your team on software engineering and data science practices.